We envision a world where faith and love connect all people, guiding them towards a life of purpose, peace, and service to others. We strive to create resilient communities where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and contribute to a better world.

It is our vision to be a place where the hurting, the depressed, the frustrated and the confused can find love, acceptance, help, hope, forgiveness and encouragement.

It is our vision to welcome 25,000 members into the fellowship of our church family, growing, glowing and going all out for Jesus.

It is our vision to equip every believer for a significant ministry by helping them to
discover, develop and deploy the gifts and talents God gave them.

It is our vision to be a church where every member is an evangelist,
where every worker is a warrior.

It is our vision to send members on short and long term ministry
projects to every continent.

It is our vision to open 1,000 Caring Heart Centres.

It is our vision to pioneer city churches around the world.

It is our vision to broadcast the gospel worldwide, using every electronic means.

It is our vision to reach 200 nations through radio and TV specifically.

We proclaim with confidence that these dreams will become
reality because they are inspired by God.


Our Values:

  • Faith: We are grounded in the teachings of Jesus Christ, guiding our actions and decisions.
  • Compassion: We show love and kindness to all, especially those in need.
  • Integrity: We uphold honesty, transparency, and accountability in all our endeavors.
  • Inclusivity: We embrace diversity and foster an environment where everyone feels valued and respected.
  • Empowerment: We equip individuals with the tools and resources they need to achieve their full potential.
  • Sustainability: We are committed to creating lasting change through sustainable practices and initiatives.